About us

Every baby was born to be hugged. The carriers and swaddles from MybabyHug are ergonomic and adjustable for you and your baby’s comfort. It does not only protect your baby but also beautifully embraces the one who is the most important in the world to you.

Several researches proved that the physical and mental development of the babies who will be carried and wrapped in the early period is more balanced compared to other babies who don’t get that much „hugs”.

Our products are 100% babyfriendly, made of cotton and we use eco-tex materials, considering the EU safety regulations, to make sure that your baby is in the best hands, while you’re hands are still „free”.

Find your favorite products in our latest „hugs” collection.

If you need further advice, tips or ideas for the everyday life with kids feel free to visit our fb page @mybabyhugcarriers, where you will find all the answers you are searching for with the help of our professional advisors.


Eva Lévai-Litter,

Owner of My BabyHug

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